V Series 9 Inch Smart TV Headrest

The Autolux V Series 9 Inch DVD Headrest allows you and your family to enjoy Smart TV on The Go. The classic sleek design of the Ultra 13 screen can be custom adjusted to the back of your car headrest.

Product Features

Feature 1: The Autolux V Series-9 model is compatible with all streaming services, from Netflix, Stan, Google TV and much more. Now you can watch your favourite TV-shows and movies on the road when connected to Wi-Fi!

Feature 2: The Autolux V Series-9 model comes with a USB Input, and a DVD player seamlessly included underneath the screen. Soooo easy to keep the kids entertained, anytime and anywhere.

Feature 3: Crosslinking is easier than ever with the Autolux V Series-9 model, allowing you to share videos with other screens. Sharing is caring!

Feature 4: The Autolux V Series-9 is Android Mobile and Google TV compatible. Allowing you to mirror videos and images directly from your Android phone onto the Rear Headrest Screen.