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So, you love riding your motorbike to go touring and enjoy the fresh air, however try picturing yourself riding down a lovely country road, on a fresh winters morning and how nice it would be to have your motorbike seat installed with an Autolux Heated Bike Seat.

Heated Bike Seats can be installed seamlessly into most bike models and provide constant comfort from the outside elements, whilst enabling you to stay focused on the road ahead.

Autolux Heated Bike Seats are waterproof and have a digital temperature controller that provides more consistent and controlled heating. Featuring two tightly regulated temperature levels, high and low, for rider comfort. The controller also has an automatic shut-off function after 1 hour of continuous operation and is capable, of providing diagnostic feedback.

The digital control module will maintain the high or low temperature setting selected at the switch. This provides continuous comfort without the need for manual adjustment, and this comes as standard with all the parts, hardware and instructions for easy installation.

Ride in comfort and see why Autolux Heated Bike Seats will enhance your riding experience.


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