5 Ways to Mount LED Light Bars to Your Vehicle

With the growing popularity of modern LED light bar technology, it seems that every second 4×4 is equipped with one. However, the importance of LED light bar mounts and light bar brackets that secure the LEDs to a vehicle are frequently overlooked.

Recognising the quality of LED light bar installations can be as important as the quality of the LED light bar itself. Even the most extraordinary LED lights for cars are useless unless they are appropriately focused, which is why it is vital to ensure your LED light bar has a sturdy, easily adjustable, and vibration-resistant mounting mechanism.

To make your LED light bar mounting decision easier, we have put together this helpful guide detailing the many sorts of LED light bar mounts available, what to look out for, and some rules and regulations that govern how LED lights for cars can be placed. So, before purchasing your LED light bar, consider the following reliable mounts.

  1. Roof Mounted LED Light Bars

A popular solution to free up room on the bull bar for more typical 4×4 driving spotlights is to mount a light bar on the roof. With a roof installation, you also have the option of installing the biggest LED light bar available on the market, which spans the whole width of your car and could be anything up to 52-inches these days.

In terms of installation, many custom and universal light bar mounts are available to fit the roofs of various vehicle makes and models.

Many contemporary roof mounting brackets eliminate the requirement for drilling into the vehicle. Plus, there are also roof rack alternatives to secure LED lights for cars straight onto a roof rack if you have one, for example, light bar mounts specifically for rhino racks and kings roof racks.

Keep in mind that the distance between a roof rack’s bottom and the top of your car might vary. To ensure a proper fit, we recommend double-checking the measurements before purchase and installation.

  1. Bull Bar Mounts for LED Light Bars

If your vehicle has a bull bar or nudge bar, this is an excellent location for mounting a LED light bar or two. Clamps for security are frequently the most popular mounting choice, as options that require less drilling are less likely to rust or fatigue your bull bar over time.

Bullbar mounts for LED light bars are available in the most common diameters, including 48mm, 50mm, 66mm, 60.3mm, and 76mm. Not sure what size your bull bar should be? To calculate the diameter, just multiply the circumference by 3.14.

The majority of clamps can be adjusted within a specified range. If necessary, rubber inserts can be used to guarantee a proper fit. These brackets also have the added benefit of being able to hold spotlights, work lights, and UHF antennas.

  1. License Plate Mounts for LED Light Bars

The best part about installing your LED light bar on your car’s licence plate is that there is no need for extra parts like a bull bar or roof rack. Number plate brackets are sleek and clean, giving your vehicle additional capacity and a design that complements your car well.

No drilling is required with license plate installations; instead, the mounts are universal to every car model. This LED light bar installation only requires a simple fastening using your existing number plate holes.

Plus, this installation option allows a lot more vehicle models to benefit from the high-powered benefits of LED lights for cars, thanks to the universal mounting technique. No longer are the premium lighting options only reserved for the 4×4’s and off-roaders. Now any standard hatchback or sedan can install a high-powered LED light bar and give their high beams the extra boost needed.

  1. LED Integrated Grille Mount

An LED light bar integrated mount may be a good alternative if you desire a sleek and stylish way to integrate road-legal LED driving lights. LED grille integrations can be manufactured bespoke for your car or you can purchase pre-defined installations which makes use of universal mounting brackets.

  1. Behind the Grill LED Light Bar Mount

Want a more hidden installation? Then consider installing your LED light bar in or behind the grill for a more concealed and sleek appearance. Just make sure you have enough space and try to avoid disrupting the passage of air.


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Get Your LED Light Bars Installed by the Aftermarket Professionals

For high-quality LED light bars and mounts, it is best to consult with your local aftermarket automotive supplier since they can correctly install and recommend which products will best suit your vehicle and ensure the best possible performance.

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It is essential to source quality products from a trusted retailer, ideally, those who are also automotive professionals experienced in installing car accessories. Mainly, cheap LED lights can be too bright, leading to traffic fines and could cause problems for oncoming drivers.

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