Dash Cams Front and Rear are an added safety feature that ensures every moment on the road is recorded. In the case of an accident, a Quality Car Dash Cam will be able to use the footage on your insurance claim, to prove you were not at fault, potentially saving hundreds of dollars in vehicle repairs.

Feel safer driving with your family on the roads with an Autolux Car Dash Cam. While you might trust yourself as a safe driver, it is impossible to predict the movements of others on the road, and unfortunately, accidents happen every day. Installing the advanced safety technology of a Car Dash Camera on the dashboard will ensure you are recording every moment on the road.

The most significant benefit of a car dashcam is in the case of an accident; the recording can be used for your insurance claim, to prove you were not at fault, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Autolux is proud to partner with GNet Car Dash Cams. With Smartphone Integration, allowing for convenient viewing of real-time recording, file exporting and seamless setting adjustment.

In addition to a Car Dash Cam, your family will benefit from other Car Safety Features such as Bike Dash Cams, Alarms & GPS Tracking and Parking Aids.

Contact one of our Car Dash Cam Autolux Consultants to discuss the Audio-Visual Safety options for your vehicle.


IRoad Dash Cam FX1 34G

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Dashcam Front and Rear IRoad QX2

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Dashcam front and rear IRoad X10 – 64GB

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