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With more than 20 years in the car styling industry, we look forward to showcasing the very latest in industry advancements to make your drive or riding experience as comfortable as possible.

Leather Car Seats & Leather Car Seat Repair

It seems these days, most cars have Leather car seats installed in their cars, and if you are one of those people who have leather car seats, you will understand the luxurious feeling it gives you each-and-every time you drive your car. Leather car seats come in a variety of options, from soft and smooth leather, through to premium leather car seats and Napa…
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Lumbar Back Support for Car

These days we tend to spend much of our time sitting down for hours on end. Whether your office job requires you sitting in front of a computer for the majority-of your week, or whether you are spending countless hours sitting in your car in congested traffic. Either way, you know your back is suffering. However, there is a solution to reducing the strain…
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Car Upholstery & Roof Lining Repairs

If you are driving a car which you love, but inside the Car Upholstery is Worn or the roof lining is falling, and in need of some desperate repairs, then you need not worry. With advancements in Roof Lining Upholstery, it is now possible to Repair the Upholstery in Your Car with little fuss, and there are no limits to the many styles or…
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Leather Car Seats Installation Cost

If you are lucky enough to have Leather Car Seats fitted in your car, then you will know how luxurious the feeling of quality leather feels, on your body. It is also one of the most desirable options that many people select as an upgraded option, when they purchase a new vehicle. However, did you know that you don’t need to get this option…
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Reverse Camera Installation

We often wonder, how did we ever park a car without either a reverse parking sensor, or a reverse camera. Technology has advanced rapidly in such a small amount of time, and now these Parking Aids in most new vehicles, give drivers the ability to feel safe and secure when parking their cars. Today, Motorists tend to rely heavily on Parking Aids, Parking Sensors,…
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Dash Cams for Cars & Bikes

You may be aware of the growing trend of Australian motorists opting to have a Dash Cam installed in their cars , in recent times. The growing number of Dash Cam Installations, has been a result of motorists being fearful of the potential dangers of Road Rage Incidents.
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