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With more than 20 years in the car styling industry, we look forward to showcasing the very latest in industry advancements to make your drive or riding experience as comfortable as possible.

Holden Commodore 2022 Interior Styling Trends

Manufactured in Australia from 1978 to 2017, the Holden Commodore is an integral part of Australia's motoring history! Like that of its old Ford rival, the importance of the Holden Commodore cannot be overstated, with more than 3.13 million models sold over 37 years. The Holden Commodore was Australia's top-selling car for 15 years in a row. Since no other car has done that,…
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Best Aftermarket Accessories for a Toyota Hilux 2022

The Toyota Hilux is a piece of beauty no matter how you look at it. From the exterior, it's stunning, and behind the hood, it's all sheer power. The Toyota Hilux appears to be everything an ordinary Australian ute buyer would want tough, trustworthy, well-equipped, and trendy. The Toyota Hilux was designed to push the boundaries – to go places no other vehicle has…
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What are the Best Aftermarket Car Accessories for the Isuzu D-Max?

The only vehicle more durable than an Isuzu D-Max is a customised aftermarket D-Max. At Autolux, we are professionals at enhancing any year and make of the Isuzu D-Max with our large selection of aftermarket accessories and components meticulously crafted to guarantee that you get the best possible quality and fit every time. Autolux's selection of UTE Accessories is the ideal approach to improve…
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Ford Mustangs: Discover the Advantages of Premium Leather Interior Upgrades

The Ford Mustang is a sports car that doesn't need an introduction. Since it initially appeared on the streets, this vehicle has been famous for its speed, fantastic aesthetics, and enduring reliability. Although the interior of the Mustang has typically been plain black or neutral by default in order to appeal to a wide variety of customers. As a result, many Mustang owners look…
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What is the Ultimate Road Trip Car Accessory for 2022?

Road trips are amazing, but they also require a lot of monotonous driving time. Luckily with advancements in the automotive aftermarket industry, today's drivers have millions of car accessories available to make their long car trips much more enjoyable! Plus, you don't have to completely refurbish your car to get car accessory upgrades! At Autolux, depending on the product you choose, we can install…
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New Product Spotlight: Lazer Lamp LED Lights for Cars!

Lazer Lamp LED light bars are the newest range of aftermarket products at Autolux! Lazer Lamp LED light bars offer a world-class off-roading product offering superior lighting performance, exceptional product design to compliment any vehicle, and a build quality that ensures products last for many years to come. The meticulously engineered and tested LED light bars to optimise lighting performance for everyday road use…
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5 Ways to Mount LED Light Bars to Your Vehicle

With the growing popularity of modern LED light bar technology, it seems that every second 4x4 is equipped with one. However, the importance of LED light bar mounts and light bar brackets that secure the LEDs to a vehicle are frequently overlooked. Recognising the quality of LED light bar installations can be as important as the quality of the LED light bar itself. Even…
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What is the Automotive Aftermarket?

An automotive aftermarket distributor is the secondary supplier of automotive parts, chemicals, equipment and accessories after the sale of the vehicle from the original manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are made for individuals wanting to increase the comfort, convenience, performance, safety or customisation of their vehicle after the initial sale. As well as supplying a wide variety of aftermarket parts for nearly all vehicle makes and…
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Product Spotlight: Installing the HiTV V Series

Installing the HiTV V Series Unlike most adjustable headrests on the market, the V series design provides incomparable strength and durability, ensuring the headrest stays on the seat no matter what happens. As the only DVD headrest that truly passes ADR 22 and ADR 03 tests, the V series provides industry-leading protection for your head, neck, shoulder and upper back in case of car…
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Product Spotlight: Australia’s First Built-In Headrest Monitor with DVD and Smart TV!

HiTV Communications delivers cutting-edge aftermarket automotive electronic equipment, with a strong focus on design and technology. As a result, Autolux fills the market gap for premium quality products without the high-end price tags, which is why Autolux is proud to partner with HiTV. These days car audio-visual upgrades do more than just play movies. You can play games, stream content from your favourite streaming…
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