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With more than 20 years in the car styling industry, we look forward to showcasing the very latest in industry advancements to make your drive or riding experience as comfortable as possible.

6 Gift Ideas for Car Lovers and Car Enthusiasts

Are you stuck on a great gift idea for the upcoming holidays? At Autolux, we have perfect gifts ideas that are sure to get an automotive enthusiast’s heart racing. Especially great for the pickiest people who never seem to like any present. Spoil your family and friends this holiday season with auto upgrades at Autolux.   Car Seat Massager If your friends or family…
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4 Ways to Prevent Car Theft

At Autolux we understand that your car is an everyday essential you can’t live without, this is why we supply many industry-leading products which help to prevent car theft. It is important to invest in automotive upgrades to safeguard your family and avoid cheap imitations that may not function properly. Also, it’s important to note that depending on your vehicle insurance, you may be…
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Essential Family Automotive Accessories

For a growing family, spending time together in the car for long periods can become a more and more common occurrence. In order to make the most of your time on the road and keep young kids entertained, it may be important to consider in car entertainment upgrades. At Autolux we can upgrade any family car. The following essential automotive accessories will upgrade the…
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LED Light Bar Installations

Off-roading is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Unfortunately though, stock standard utes and 4x4 vehicles are not fully equipped to tackle off-roading in the safest way possible, requiring aftermarket upgrades to help them to reach their full potential. LED Light Bar Installations are one of the first and most popular upgrades made by off-roading enthusiasts. What is the purpose of a LED Light Bar…
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Enjoy Car Travel with Audio Visual Upgrades

With interstate travel now back on the horizon, you may be eager to get the family in the car for a much needed getaway. Whether you have infants or teenagers, keeping everyone in the family occupied for the duration of the road trip is always a challenge. Though with a few audio visual upgrades such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Headrest DVD Players and…
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Automotive Sunroof Repair and Installation

A sunroof can add a bit of luxury to any model of car, and go a long way towards creating the ultimate driving experience that fellow motorists are sure to envy. Feeling the breeze flowing through your hair as the sunlight streams in through your sunroof, is truly something special. Sunroofs are an extravagant addition to any car, but that does mean that they…
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Easy interior upgrades to get an old car looking brand new!

At Autolux we love automotive design and share a passion for beautiful and functional vehicles. Classic models and historic cars are highly valued by their owners, whether they own just one or a whole collection. That is why we offer high quality interior upgrades from our experienced automotive specialists. If your car needs new seats, a carpet restoration or even a roof liner repair,…
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Upgrades and Accessories for your 4×4 or Ute

Many of the new vehicles purchased each year in Australian are never upgraded or accessorised. However, the car owners who are passionate about their cars love to install new enhancements to customise their cars. These motor vehicle enthusiasts understand the many affordable and high quality aftermarket upgrades which can be made to increase the functionality and value of their car/s. Making modifications to vehicles…
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Driving Aids & Parking Sensor Installation

Developments in Motor Vehicle Technology for Driving Safety such as Car Parking Aids are ever expanding. Most motorists with modern vehicles have access to a range of Car Driving Aids such as Parking Sensors, Reversing Cameras, Dash Cameras and Blind Spot Sensors. This technology assists drivers and provides them with additional confidence and safety on our roads. Their benefit is so significant and highly…
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Car Audio and Visual Installation

Australians carry a wide range of entertainment options everyday on their Mobile phones. Music, Audio books, Podcasts and Video can be played and streamed from mobile devices while on the go. Unfortunately handling a Mobile Phone whilst operating a car is a very dangerous distraction. Vast developments in Motor Vehicle Entertainment Technology each year provide new and unique ways for us to keep entertained…
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