Damage to your car or other property is expensive but can be easily avoided by a High-Quality Parking Sensor Installation. The unobtrusive sensors on a Parking Sensor Installation give audible warnings when your vehicle is getting close to an object – or a person!

A Parking Sensor Installation will give you peace of mind every time you need to park. Whether driving forwards or backwards, many hazards can cause damage, particularly in a busy carpark; one accident can cause an injury or death. Such dangers are be avoided by simply fitting an Autolux Parking Sensor.

Our front and reverse Parking Sensors can be fitted to most vehicles, from cars, vans and trucks. However, no matter your vehicle size, Parking Sensor Installations at Autolux provide a number of additional features that can minimise incidents even more, from BLIND SPOT MONITORING which many new cars today have this system that can now be fitted to your vehicle.

Contact one of our Parking Sensor Installation Consultants to discuss the Best Audio-Visual Safety options for your vehicle.


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