If you are like most people in Sydney, who spend a lot of time in their car, then it is fair to assume that comfort is high up on your priority list, and you most likely dream of quality Back Support for Car. Even if you don’t suffer from bad posture, driving can cause considerable discomfort to anyone; a High-Quality Lumbar Support Car System Installation will help to improve driver comfort whilst keeping your back in its correct position.


  • Installation
  • Upgrade
  • Repair

Unlike the standard car models that come with low-quality seats, the Autolux Car Back Support provides support to your lower back and relieves pressure and discomfort to your discs and spine. Not only does Back Support for Car benefit the drivers and passenger’s everyday comfortability, but seat upgrades increase the resale value of the vehicle and add luxurious style to their car interiors.

Autolux are specialists in installing Back Support for all Car makes and models. But more importantly, the Autolux automotive upgrade experts will install your Car Seat Back Lumbar Support, to the correct position which suits your preferred driving position.

Stay rest assured with Autolux, as our Back Support for Car installations are guaranteed to look as though they were installed by the car manufacturer and are very easy to adjust to your favourite driving position.

But it doesn’t stop there. An Autolux Car Seat Lumbar support is fully integrated, electronically operated and professionally installed with no visual evidence that it is an aftermarket option. Not only does it provide a constant lower back support, but it will enable you to drive for longer periods.

Don’t put up with lower back pain while you drive anymore. Speak to an Autolux Back Support for Car Specialist, to see how it may help to reduce lower back pain whilst you drive.