Upgrading to a Roll Top cover is the ultimate 4×4 accessory to enhance the usability and convenience of your ute. This cover is a fully electric roll top cover which can be opened, paused and closed at the click of a button.

It is constructed from heavy-duty aluminium with steel reinforced side rails for superior strength and functionality. The covers are protected with class leading weather protection, impeccable security using a 220 rolling code transmitter and interlocking extrusions which cannot be cut through.

Factory roll bars can remain in place and a ladder rack and cross bar option are available for use on pre-mapped insertion points.


It’s a bold statement but we have the facts to back it up. HSP pioneered the electric roller cover in Australia, being the first to introduce a fully electric ute roller shutter into the Australian market with the ability to do ladder racks, crossbars and retain sports bars but that was in 2015 and while there may be other covers that offer what we did over half a decade ago, we can safely say that the Roll R Cover Series 3 has reset the benchmark.

  • Compatible with Genuine Sports bar / Sailplane
  • Over the air updates to firmware
  • 100% curtain retraction on all standard dual cab models
  • Triple operation (phone, touch pad & phone app)
  • 100% Australian made and owned
  • Plug and play wiring
  • Open, close, and pause in any position.
  • Compatible with HSP Load Bar cross bar system
  • Compatible with HSP Ladder Rack System
  • Full width integrated LED Strip Light
  • Built-in AI technology servicing warning light
  • Mannix black premium black finish
  • Clamp on installation
  • Build quality compliant to ISO9001

4×4 Ute Roll Covers Is the Roll-R Cover Watertight?

Yes they do; the 4×4 and ute roll top covers we install at Autolux are the most watertight on the market. When water lands on the roll top cover it will run down the interlocking extrusions towards the side rail gutters and out of the four drainage points. This design ensures that water does not sit on the roll top cover or enter the tray, so your cargo is protected.

Watch the video to see the roll top ute cover drainage features in action.

HSP Roll R Cover Series 3 – Amarok 2023+

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Roll R Cover

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Roll R Cover with sports bar mounting kit

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