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Have you ever stepped out of your car and into a puddle or heaven forbid something else? Well, that’s when you need an Autolux LED Puddle Lamp upgrade for your car.

The purpose of Puddle Lamps is to prevent the driver or passenger from stepping into, a puddle or something worse. They are installed to various positions of the car facing the ground where the LEDs project an extremely bright circle of light. Additionally, drivers can add a special lens that also projects an image or message on the ground, to create a visual effect like no other. Whether you wish to add the cars’ logo or brand or even a customised message, Autolux can seamlessly create another element of drama to your car.

At Autolux, we only supply industry leading accessories and we only partner with reputable brands, to provide our customers the very best in automotive parts and accessories, and that is why we partner with The Mongoose brand, to provide LED Puddle Lamps, which are supplied in pairs and very easy to install.

LED Lighting

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