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Napa Leather is 100% leather and is stronger and more robust than traditional leather products. Napa Leather undergoes and unique dying process and as a result, Napa Leather seats are much easier to keep clean. Napa Leather is a full-grain, semi-embossed cow hide leather and is very soft in feel.

You will see Napa Leather being utilised in expensive luxury cars, as it is more expensive than other traditional leather products, but its silky feel and texture is why people who are looking for the best leather car seat products on the market, will choose Napa Leather.

Autolux only uses the very best in quality Napa Leather products, available in a variety of natural full grains, colours and intricate stitching patterns as well as many embroidery and embossing options, to suit every make and vehicle model.

Napa Leather Upgrade – 7 and 8 seat

$4,480.00 $3,890.00
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Napa Leather Upgrade – 5 seat

$3,300.00 $2,890.00
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Napa Leather Upgrade – 2 seat

$2,230.00 $1,790.00
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