Car solutions compatible with Holden VE Series 1 Generation 3



  • Colour Matched Fascia – Premium OEM-Grade
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
  • 7” Diagonal Touchscreen Display
  • Touch Screen Shortcuts (Home, Sports and Hazard)
  • Retains factory centre info display.
  • Retains factory rear DVD integration (if vehicle equipped with RSE)
  • “Blackout” Screen off feature.
  • Automatic Climate Zone Detection ( detects both single and dual so no need to order specific )
  • Animated Touch User Interface
  • Climate Control Upgrade for A/C Vehicles ! Upgrades basic single zone (Series 1 only, single zone A/C only) from A/C to Automatic Climate Control* ! *Temperature sensor provided for installation.
  • Changeable HVAC interface colour schemes -3 Pre-set UI Colours Functional, Luxury. Sports+ Custom colour wheel for infinite options.
  • Vehicle Build Info, model, variation, VIN, engine details etc
  • Vehicle Health Info
    • Series 1: Battery (%), Battery (V), Oil Pressure
    • Series 2: Battery (%), Battery (V)
  • Dynamic Sports Display
    • Speed (KM/H)
    • RPM
    • Gear Status (AT only)
    • Clutch Dial (MT only)
    • Steering Angle
    • Oil Temperature (Series 1 only)
    • Acceleration (%)
    • Brake (%)
    • Lap Timer with split time function
    • Shift Light


Information relating to Omega Series 1
The factory top display on the entry level VE Series 1 – Omega (green display) is not utilised with the VES1 Solution kit and will go to blank screen post installation, a plethora of information is in the HVAC display itself.

The other variants above the Omega the factory display is active (red display)

Vehicle info display:
The climate functions and display are catered for by the HVAC display itself therefore the “climate function” display on the Alpine head unit does not display these settings (the climate graphic display you normally would see with the Volkswagen interface via UART-CAN I.F)
Whilst the “Vehicle info” icon will become active on the head unit (as the head unit is reading CAN signal and so it activates the info button) for these VE solutions it is not required so simply don’t select it.

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