Carplay RangeRover Integrated Screen



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Carplay RangeRover Integrated Screen Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Touch panel to the factory existing screen

Touch or Siri control the apple carplay and android auto apps

Easy to switch between apple carplay and Range Rover factory functions

Factory features will remain same as before

Carplay RangeRover Integrated Screen

Apple Car Play allows you to control everything with your smartphone. From making calls and sending and receiving messages. To listening to music and getting directions Apple Car Play is useful to reduce distractions, providing you with the ultimate safe driving experience.

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Carplay RangeRover Integrated Screen,

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay car audio installation is a speciality of Autolux. Apple CarPlay allows you to use your vehicle radio or head unit to display and control your iPhone or Tablet. Through Apple CarPlay, Siri may be utilised for Apple Maps navigation and text messaging to reduce distracted driving.

The Apple CarPlay system offers audio and display connection to your car’s audio and entertainment system, and the majority of the software runs on the linked IOS smartphone. Apple CarPlay head units are available in various sizes and functionalities, including touch screens, steering wheel controls, and hands-free microphones.

What is Android Auto?

Autolux also specialises in Android Auto car audio installations, and we have a large selection of android car head units with a variety of features and sizes.

You’ll never be lost off-road again with voice commands via Google with Android Auto. The Android Auto head unit connects to your mobile through the Android Auto software. Allowing you to listen to music, make calls and texts, navigate, and utilise other apps on your Android device.


When it comes to In-Built Apple Car Play & Android Auto options for your car. Autolux recommend and installs the very popular Alpine range of products. Installing an in-built Alpine Driving Mobile Media System allows you to control everything with your smartphone. From making calls, sending and receiving messages, listening to music and getting directions – all without ever touching your phone.

With Apple Car Play, use Siri, or with Android Auto. Use Google through voice commands to reduce distractions whilst you are driving. Apple Car Play & Android Auto provide safe and legal access to our mobile devices whilst driving and safely stay in contact with friends and family.

Here at Autolux, we stock only premium quality Car Audio Visual Technology from leading brands such as Alpine, So that you and your family can enjoy an enhanced driving experience with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto.

Contact one of our Apple Car Play or Android Auto Autolux consultants to discuss the Audio-Visual Safety options for your vehicle.